Matt Seiple is a Vermont-based singer-songwriter who has been playing and singing across America for over 30 years. On the streets of San Francisco and cafes of New York City, in the clubs of New Orleans and the honky-tonks of Nashville, at empty open mics and endless all night jams, stoned out beach parties and booze drenched fundraisers -- all while shaping and sharing his unique and distinctive songwriting voice. Within the last several years, he has released three albums:  I Love Crazy, The Family Brand, and Ways to Fall.  Each feature deep and often darkly introspective lyrics delivered with a gritty roots-based Americana sound that is reminiscent of folk music's greatest storytellers.

His most recent work, Ways to Fall, is driven by the emotionally complex themes of personal loss, loneliness and the reality of growing older. From the opening title track Ways to Fall ("Some drop into place but I end up on my face/When I trip as the chips land where they may") to the melancholy Wisdom and Death ("I've been asking whether time is my friend/Never stops making wounds it can mend"), this collection takes a simple but defiant stand against the shadowy corners of the human condition.


As always, his songs are delivered with the approachable and familiar resonance of his long time guitar, a 1976 Guild D35, well traveled and with the scars to prove it -- yet, much like its owner, still playing and sounding good after all these years.

Matt Seiple lives in White River Junction VT, raising his two sons.  

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